What is Farmvina
and how does it
benefit you
and your business?

Farmvina brings you closer to Vietnamese farmers and products.

Our products

Have a look at our Products and Media Packages.

Media Packages

We aim to be a matchmaker to connect agricultural product- or service-based companies with their customers. Farmvina proudly owns different dedicated sites that attract million of loyal readers who actively look for better tools and services to improve life.

We believe in becoming a bridge to provide instant access for advertisers and companies to reach well-targeted audiences effortlessly.

Agricultural products and beyond

Vietnam possesses a great deal of high-quality agricultural products to offer, and we'd love to deliver them to the world. Beside the current products in our Shop, you can also inquire different types of products you want to source in Vietnam and Farmvina is here to help.


Our growth
in a nutshell

  • 03.30.2014Educational platform for farmers

    Started out from a group of passionate expats and Vietnamese professionals, Farmvina emerged from a burning desire to provide free know-how and experience tutorials for underprivileged farmers to learn about. After 5 years, we've grown our community to hundred of thousands people with millions of page views annually.
  • 10.15.2017Media platform for advertisers

    With more international agricultural companies to enter Vietnam, Farmvina offers different creative ways to reach their target audiences. We hope to create a meaningful bridge to connect Vietnamese farmers with high-quality products and services.
  • 05.22.2018Sourcing platform for Vietnamese products

    Farmvina provides a dedicated sourcing service to help foreign companies and individuals to find affordable yet quality exported agricultural products from Vietnam. Please kindly note that we can also source for other types of products such as furniture, home decor, etc. Please inquire.