Preserving Food The Homesteading Way

Preserving Food is one of the key homesteading skills to make sure that you have long-lasting food to sustain a long span of time.


Canning is a food preserving technique that has been in use from time immemorial. It is very effective in keeping food safe, healthy and nutrient-rich. With canning, you have the ability to process and preserve just about anything you want, from meat to vegetables. Make sure that the jars you are going to use are neat, clean and sterilized.

If you are unsure, boil the bottles for a good two minutes to keep those pesky bacteria out. Add the food you want to preserve, add seasonings, and some boiled water. Close the lid, with just enough space to let air escape.

Now, place this bottle in water and boil it for few hours. Every food product has different boiling points, so make sure you know when yours is complete. Remove the bottle from the water, tighten the lid completely and allow it to cool. Make sure all the bottles are closed shut for the food to stay preserved

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Freezing is a common food preserving technique. The winter season is your best friend when it comes to preserving food items.

In the northern hemisphere, you will have a large outdoor freezer the whole winter season. Take advantage of it by finding a spot outdoors that can keep your food safe from decaying and from animals.

Dehydrating and Drying

Drying and dehydrating food is also an easy and time-tested method of preservation.

This method of preserving food was used during the ancient times and still continues to be used in a number of countries. Using the sun to dry food items is easy and environmental friendly. You can dry pieces of fruits, vegetables, meat, and mushrooms.

preserving food

Make sure that you dry food items for longer hours in order to completely drain off the water and moisture content from them. Water has the potential to quicken the decomposing process. Dried food items stay fresh and edible longer; moreover, they retain most of the nutrients in the process

Salt Preservation

Salt preservation is perhaps one of the oldest and most used forms of preserving food items used in the world. Meat and pickles, around the world, are preserved using salt. It is not enough to sprinkle salt on meat and expect it to stay fresh. You have to go overboard with salt content to preserve food. Salt, sugar, and oil are great preservatives.

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