Organic Eggs: Something to know

Most so-called ‘organic eggs’ are not exactly organic!

Organic Eggs

Local urban families are now looking at the art of raising chicken with renewed interest. One of the main reasons for the interest in organic eggs and farming is because people want to know how their food is being grown.

They are interested in knowing what constitutes their food. They want to be in control of the food, and urban homesteading is the perfect choice for them.

Although raising chickens and goats in your backyard in the city is going to be very tough, the benefits of the same are innumerable. Some cities do not allow its residents to grow poultry at home, while some cities are more lenient. If you are unable to get permission from city council authorities and neighbor, you can approach local community homesteading groups to help you sort out this situation.

Most so-called ‘organic eggs’ that you buy off the counters are not exactly organic; a number of certified organic eggs are grown in inhumane and unhealthy conditions. Hundreds of hens are kept in steel cage like structures, and are not given the chance to even move about.

organic eggs

Pasture-raised hens’ eggs are, by-far, the most healthy and happy eggs. These hens eat nutritious food that is free from harmful and genetically modified diet. These hens are free to roam about the area and are not given steroids or performance enhancement drugs to make them grow faster and fatter.

The flavor, color, and size of a pasture-raised egg are completely different from store-bought eggs. These eggs are rich in vitamins, zinc, calcium, riboflavin, beta carotene and have loads of omega 3 fatty acids.

Organic eggs have the highest amounts of healthy protein, next only to mother’s milk. To grow organic eggs in your backyard, you should ensure that the hens are free to roam about, and are not kept in cages or enclosures. The poultry should be given organic matter; make sure that you use homemade organic matter instead of buying it from stores.

Always make sure that you do not provide antibiotics of any kind to the poultry. Antibiotics should be used only when there is an outbreak of infection. Organic eggs do not induce the hen to molt; the birds tend to go into natural molt.

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