Making Your Own Backyard Compost

Backyard Compost

Homesteading is all about providing for yourself; making your own backyard compost is also one of the major parts of urban homesteading.

It is easy to make your own compost using easily available garden clippings, kitchen vegetable left-over’s, shredded paper, leaves, and a bit of soil. There are two types of composting —cold composting and hot composting. Cold composting simply means that you collect organic materials in a bin, and allow them to turn into compost over a period of one year or so. Hot composting is for the serious gardener in you.

Dig a hole in your backyard, at least 5 feet deep.

To this, keep adding organic materials — layer by layer — such as fresh leaves, kitchen waste, dried leaves, paper, straw, coffee grounds, fruits and vegetable scraps, and egg shells. This should fill your pit to 3 feet.

To this mixture, sprinkle water to keep it moist. You have to keep adding water regularly to maintain the moisture. Make sure you don’t make the mixture soggy; too much water will make your pile rot rather than compost.

Keep monitoring the temperature of this pile every now and then.

Make sure you keep turning the pile using garden fork so that oxygen is worked into the mixture. You have to stir thoroughly making sure that all the layers are mixed, and the compost cooks faster.

Your compost is done when you are sure that it is no longer giving off heat, and that it looks dry, brown and is crumbly.

Good Compost materials are fruit and vegetable scraps, dried leaves, green grass and plant clippings, egg shells, coffee grounds, chopped wood and bark chips, paper shreds, and straw.

There are certain materials you should not use to make compost; they are products that contain meat, grease, oil, fat, diseased plants, treated wood chips, feces of dogs and cats, dairy products and weeds

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