How to start
import and export business
on your own?

We provide you with how-to guides and supports after the course!

Stage 1: Pick It Right
Step-by-step guides

  • Within the first section, you will learn how to do researches, analyze trends and choose profitable products for your business. We call this the 'possibility stage', because this section will open you up to a world of whole new possibilities.
  • Why should you start doing business with Europe?
  • How to adopt e-residency and set up your business in Europe easily?
  • How many different categories of commodities are there?
  • And how to make the most suitable choice for you?

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Step 2: Screen It Up
Tools And Methods

  • This sections will give you online and offline methods to find potential customers. We call this section the 'power stage' because with the right direction you will be able to achieve things with less time and effort.
  • How to communicate effectively with your clients?
  • Different ways to participate to the import and export business
  • How to control risks in your international trade business?
  • How to explain 11 Incoterms to a 6 year-old kid?

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Stage 3: Let It Roll
Show Me The Money

  • We call this scaling stage the 'profit stage'. Once you have built up confidence to start your business, this section will give you techniques to set up and grow your online store, with supporting case studies.
  • How to grow your online business with paid ads?
  • How to improve the conversion rates?
  • Case study: How a single wooden toy can rake in $10,000/month?
  • How Farmvina can help you start your business after the course?

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