Import/Export Entrepreneurship

To understand international trade and its opportunities, you don’t need to look far. It is something around you, from your daily life. Below is a paragraph from newspapers, which describes the international trade decently.

“This morning you woke up and put on a polo shirt that read ‘made in China’ on the inside tag. You then walked to your garage and got in a car that had parts that were manufactured in all places of the world. You drove that car to the grocery store, where you bought grapes grown in Chile, sugar from Jamaica, and curry from India.”

About 20 years ago, when you visited a local wholesale trade shows and exhibitions, you could only find a handful of listed exhibitors. Globalization, free trade, and easy transport of goods & people have opened up new opportunities in trading business.

Today, you can find things made everywhere and surrounded by things done in another country. This is globalization. It happens because there are some aspiring entrepreneurs, who take the chance to connect the world by offering different goods, and satisfy the ever-changing needs of us – the human beings.

Let’s start by learning how to be one of them, shall we?

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