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Advertising on Farmvina: We grow your business (xem Tiếng Việt)

Within 5 years, Farmvina has grown from a hobby site to an extensive educational website that features different aspects of life, including Agriculture, Gardening, Pets, Health, Jobs, Architecture, … with a sole purpose of delivering top-notched content to better help other people’s life. The content is FREE to access!

In this short span of time, we have achieved some key milestones such as:

  • Adding more than 1 million new users per year with 2,12 millions page views
  • Nearly 32,000 email subscribers to our weekly newsletters
  • High domain authority with zero spam score
  • An active Facebook page with more than 10,000 Likes and loads of inboxed messages
quảng cáo trên Farmvina

Traffic: We have a steady stream of readers.

advertising on Farmvina

Email subscribers: Farmvina possesses active and interactive readers who give and take from the sites.

To further substantiate our growth to benefit the community, we cordially offer opportunities for individuals and companies to advertise on Farmvina. With high-quality websites and well-targeted audiences, we are confident to help you reach potential readers to grow your business.

List of Farmvina’s websites and related categories

Apart from Farmvina’s websites, we also manage a health and weight-loss specialized website at

Advertising gigs


1. Header ads:

  • Size 468 x 60 pixels
  • Can be flash or non-flash
  • Linkable to the target website
  • Cost: $120/week | $400/month
header ads

Header ads delivers maximum visibility

2. Sidebar ads:

  • Size: dependable (maximum height is 400px)
  • Customized title and caption
  • Can be flash or non-flash
  • Linkable to the target website
  • Cost: $90/week | $300/month

sidebar ads

3. Content header ads:

  • Size: dependable (maximum height is 360px)
  • Can be flash or non-flash
  • Linkable to the target website (for eg. your own)
  • Cost: $150/week | $500/month

quảng cáo farmvina

4. Popup ads:

  • Smart timing
  • Different purpose: getting email addresses, call to action, information box …
  • Linkable to the target website
  • Cost: $50/page/week | $500/site/week
popup ads

Capture readers’ attention right away


With high domain authority, Farmvina will help you boost your website’s ranking with do-follow links inside relevant content. Please take a look at these examples:

  • Content’s length: around 500 words (you can submit articles and links to us)
  • Maximum outbound links: 5 links
  • Maximum pictures: 5 pictures
  • Cost: $60/article (discount 10% when booking more than 2 articles)
  • If you need us to write you articles: $50/article


With more than 10,000 fans, Farmvina’s Facebook Page is a quick way to advertise your product/service to a large crowd of potential customers. We provide these advertising options:

  • Cover photo: $50/week | Cover video: $100/week (all come with description and links to site). Please submit your own photo/video. If you need our help, please contact.
  • Highlighted post: $40/week
  • Normal post (text, picture, video): $10/post

Sending messages directly through Facebook Messenger

Facebook has become an ubiquitous and trusted platform to update new information. You can share product/service news straightly to the audience through Messenger application. With the help of our software, you can now send rich information with picture, link, brief content and timer function. This provides more value than the SMS Marketing.

farmvina facebook

Here is an example of the opening and click rates of some campaign after the National Day 2/9 from Farmvina. Please note that the opening rate can get higher than 100% when the same person opens the message more than once. All data will be recorded.

facebook messenger

  • Smart timing
  • Linkable to the target website (for eg. your own)
  • Cost: $100/message to all subscribers | $500/10 messages


Landing page is a wonderful way to either collect potential customer leads or promote/sell any product. We can help you build a responsive landing page on our site which is beneficial to:

  • Improve the credibility of your product/service
  • Provide backlinks to your own website (boost your site ranking on search engine)
  • Build your own seamless sales funnel

advertise on Farmvina

Please take a look at this example:

  • Set up cost: $250/landing page
  • Maintenance cost: $250/3 months | $500/year


Email Marketing

A sample of Farmvina’s weekly newsletters to thousands of loyal readers

Number of subscribers (as of May 2018)

  • Agriculture: 21,154 subscribers
  • Gardening: 7,949 subscribers
  • Pets: 4,523 subscribers

To advertise on our newsletters, please contact us at [email protected] so that we can consult you about the advertising options and costs.

Also, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, should you have any inquiry!

*Note: All advertising fees written in USD will be converted and paid in Vietnam Dong (VND) following the foreign exchange rate of Vietcombank.

Contact us at: [email protected] or +84 938 333 525

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